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Worth & Worth, an online hat store specialize in selling custom men’s and women’s hats. We offer an extensive inventory and some of the best selections of custom hats for men’s and women’s. Whether you're looking for wool caps , 8324698083 , fur felt hats , 903-644-9769 or handcrafted felt hats, Worth & Worth is here to serve. Search our wide selection of styles, patterns, and colors to make your hat a perfect match. Whether your first choice is a Montecristi panama hat, felt fedora hat or a wool cap, we are committed to provide our customers with quality custom hats and unsurpassed services. We also provide hat repair services such as Hat Cleaning, Resizing & Blocking, Bands and Linings. After buying, don’t forget to follow our 7076452302 tips to increase the life of your favorite hat.

Think about the things still made by hand today, such as a fine meal, a special wine or a premium cigar. Handmade things you can wear, like a custom suit or bench made shoes. They all bear the imprint of their maker. They are all the results of countless hours, days and months of development — Works-of-Art. In a world where most things are mass-produced and instantly acquired, is there a place for such little treasures?

The journey that we have shared with so many loyal clients since 1922 comes down to this very question, we think it is a matter of great importance. It is a decision we have made to step outside our everyday ordinary lives, and into a world of refinement and personal choice.

The art of handmade hats has not changed. There is no new equipment. No capital investment. No shortcuts. Our fur felt hats are made using centuries-old methods involving over 60 hand processes. All our felt hats are made in a small Italian village located in a lush mountainous valley at the foot of the Alps, where the pure glacier water of the Cervo River is used to wash and soften the felt. The result is the lightest, densest felt hats made in the world...

Our hats are made with an irreplaceable natural resource: LOVE. We continue the Worth & Worth tradition of offering the very finest hats from around the world. Peace, and thank you for your interest and your continued support.